Testing has evolved from end-of-life to mainstream activity. Based on recent research, analysts predict that the QA, have higher expectations about business assurance of applications and products with emphasis on reliability, high resilience, and predictability. With the ubiquity of apps, there is an increased focus on availability of systems, user experience, security, and the need for a business assurance partner.

As digital transformation gains momentum, the need for speed-to-market is felt severely by both business and IT.

To achieve that pace and flexibility, organizations are adopting agile methods and DevOps principles.

In addition, there is an emerging need to have testing teams to focus on automated tools especially selenium, and be well-integrated with development teams to ensure that that enterprise agility is demonstrated in every aspect. In all of these changes, there is a strong need to combine the duality of independent and integrated testing. While we see the need for independent testing, it is imperative for us to be integrated with development teams to drive higher order efficiencies.

We are very satisfied and glad to have found IMRSoft as our delivery partner. During our relationship, IMRSoft has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side

Kate White, Banking Service
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